Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I apply the nail loosener myself?

Answer: Yes, unless you have diabetes with peripheral neuropathy, meaning that you have impaired senses lie pain, or you have a serious impairement in sight, then most probably you can apply it yourself.

2. Can I put it on and off as I wish?

Answer: Sure, however after you apply the loosener, you should put a piece of plaster or tape on it so it will not move or removed easily. The tape is not inside the package so you HAVE TO buy it , if you pay attention so the tape will attach only to the nail part and not to the skin side, it may last longer and holds the apparatus better.

3. For how long do I have to apply the nail loosener?

Answer: It depends on the type of ingrown nail problem, meaning if it is an acute onset, first attack prolem, for example due to inappropriate cutting the nail edge, then you use the nail loosener until that side is longer to find its way near the skin outside. If you have a chronic ingrown nail problem than you can use it for a few months. Then stop the application and check whether it goes well, at one point it usually stays stable, then you can stop the application but we do not recomment you to cut nail edges too deep or create a U tip, instead, you have to leave the tip of the nail a little longer and with a square edge without lateral indentations done ususally during pedicures..

4. Can I apply the nail loosener myself?

Answer: Most people can but you can get help from a frient or a family member. It is easy to apply. After the application, you have to cover the brace, but not the skin adjacent to it, with a plaster tape, a small one covering the nail part only.

You can take a bath, but donot touch the loosener and the tape on top of it, let them dry themselves...

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