Oniko Nail Loosener

Oniko nail loosener is easy to apply. You can apply it yourself or can demand help from a friend or a family member.

Start application from the painful side of the nail. Do not cut your nail short before the application

Place gently one hook under the painful nail side, the other hook to opposite nail side. Attach the hooks by placing the holes on the string to ratchets on the sides.

This is all you will be doing.

After the application, stand on your toes and walk, you should be comfortably walking without pain.

To fix the nail loosener to the nail plate, you attach it with a piece of plaster. Try not to put the plaster on the skin but apply it on the nail plate itself.

You can wear shoes, walk, take shower, lead your everyday life.

After showers, please do not touch the plaster on the nail loosener. Let it dry itself.

Diabetic patients with neuropathy or patients with severe vascular insufficiency should consult to their doctors before using.

You can open, remove, wash and reapply the nail loosener as you wish.

How To Apply Oniko Yourself

3D presentation of Oniko application: You can do it yourself

How your medical professional can apply Oniko in complicated cases?

Application method and duration

Oniko extra spring: for thick and stubborn nails

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