Prevention of Ingrown Nail

To prevent your nails from growing inside,
Please do not cut them too short,
If they hurt, do not cut the sides deeply, as in time they will grow again and lead to the same picture almost every 20 days...
You prefer to have a square edged, flat topped nail appearence
Try to avoid wearing tight footwear disturbing your nails.
If you have a sweating foot problem, you can use antiperspirant lotion or powders together with oniko nail loosener
On any pain or irritation on nail side, you can immediately use oniko nail loosener instead of cutting the nail side...
Oniko nail loosener is easy to apply,
You can apply it yourself or you can receive help from a friend or a family member.
If you have already cut out your nail edge too deep, wait a few days before applying the oniko nail loosener.
Do not push the nail loosener if it doesnot fit easily.
Oniko nail loosener is designed to fit under any nail with a normal lenth but not to nails that are cut too deep.
Once you have pain on the nail side, applying the oniko nail loosener will prevent you form having complications like infection or granulation tissue formation...
Oniko nail losener is easy to apply, pain free and stops your pain immediately....

How To Apply Oniko Yourself

3D presentation of Oniko application: You can do it yourself

How your medical professional can apply Oniko in complicated cases?

Application method and duration

Oniko extra spring: for thick and stubborn nails

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